At Global Aesthetics Training, our mission is to provide you with the finest educational experience in aesthetics. To achieve this, we’ve partnered with some of the brightest professionals in the fields of plastic surgery and dermatology (aesthetics) from around the world. Here are some of our featured members:

Guiding Your Aesthetic Journey

Meet Our Experts

Min Hyung Park M.D

Dr. Min Hyung Park is a veteran plastic surgeon and chief director of LaMar Premiere Aesthetic Clinic. He is currently the Chief Executive Director of the Korean Association of Clinical Aesthetic Medicine and the executive director of the Korean Aesthetic surgery and Laser Society. He has been asked to lead different projects globally, being the advisor Chief Surgeon for the China Shanghai Hospital (2015-2017) and the advisor Chief Physician for the Vietnam Hanoi Soo Aesthetic Clinic (2018). Under his guidance, his LaMar Premiere Clinic was appointed as a designated clinic for Miss Korea beauty pageant where he was also appointed as a judge. He is regularly invited as a keynote speaker globally and also has experience in SCI publications.

Moo Hyun Son M.D

Dr. Son Moo Hyun is an expert on non surgical / non invasive aesthetic procedures. He has been the Director of Brand New Clinic and Renew Clinic in Seoul and currently is the Academic Director of the Korean Society of Aesthetics and Obesity. He is the keynote doctor and clinical consultant of major international brands such as Amalian and Sinclair products. Dr. Son’s expertise in facial contouring is well recognized domestically and internationally, being invited regularly to speak in multiple major conferences.

Min Ho Kang, M.D

Dr. Min Ho Kang practices cosmetic hair transplant surgery in Gangnam, South Korea. Dr.Kang is the executive director of the KSHRS (Korean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) and one of the first veteran members of the ISHRS from South Korea. He is currently the head director of Romimo Hair Restoration Center with multiple physicians in cosmetic transplant working under his leadership. His clinic is well known for cosmetic excellence and ability to transplant from virtually anywhere in the body. He is regularly invited as a keynote speaker globally, recently speaking at San Diego, California.

Geun Seo Kim, M.D

Dr. Geun Seo Kim has worked as a professor in South Korea and has a successful research career with programs at Yonsei University and its sister Institutions, Yonsei (Wonju) Medical School working with celebrity athletes. He currently teaches students interested in medicine and research at Stanford, Palo Alto. After his time at University of Southern California (USC) he moved to South Korea to receive his training from the best aesthetic physicians. Since then he has been invited to help teach and lead their seminars globally. Dr.Kim is considered an expert in the field of thread lifting and has successfully trained numerous aesthetic clinicians. His interests are in anti-aging and maintaining youth through age.

Seung-Yup Han M.D

Dr. Seung Yup Han is a cosmetic hair transplant surgeon and founder of Cheong Dam MB Hair Clinic. He has trained at the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital Dermatology, Hair Transplant Center in Robotic Non-Incision Surgery. Before finding his own practice, he served as the Head of hair transplant at BK Plastic Surgery (2013) and later Chief Director of the Male and Female Center at the Mojerim Plastic Surgery (2014- 2018), some of the largest plastic surgery clinics in the nation. He is a veteran member of the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and also Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology and Technology. His expertise and skill in hairline cosmetics and natural effects is recognized globally for excellence.


Dr. Kevin Fung is a certified physician based in Washington State, USA, who completed his medical education at the University of Washington. With extensive experience in managing various aesthetic clinics, he currently leads NuMe Aesthetics in Seattle, Washington. His areas of expertise include skin rejuvenation, scar revision, and cosmetic injections. Dr. Fung is highly skilled in providing pain and anesthesia care for individuals undergoing aesthetic procedures, particularly in administering nerve blocks for facial and body treatments.


Dr. Jewan Kaiser Hwang is an expert in the field of Laser and Device Aesthetics, currently a director for multiple clinics in South Korea, including Mymirae Dermatology Clinic and LaMar Dermatology Clinic. He is sought after globally to lead lectures on Aesthetic Medicine and Laser, speaking in over 100 conferences. He is currently the principal director of Laser, Korean Academy of Obesity & Aesthetic Treatment, Head Instructor of Skin Laser Academy of Korea Primary Care Society and Member of board of directors, Korean Filler education and Research Academy.